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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Fresh Biryani Box

When it comes to meal-time, you’ve got a lot to think about. You’re tired with long day at work, then trying to figure out what to cook and later the time it takes to cook the meal. You’re hungry and you need food to eat, we offer you the convenience and the foods you crave.

An Unbeatable Variety

We have put together an extensive selection of biryanis on our menu from Hyderabadi Dum Biryani to Sindhi Biryani, you name it and we got it that comes with its own distinct tastes, flavor and aromas that cooked to the order by our master chefs.

It’s All in the Details in Making

From the basics of frying onions to maintaining the blends of spices for the perfect touch of flavors and aroma to the tenderization of meats, we pay attention to the minutest details so you are served with the best.

The Finest Ingredients

With no compromise on quality and quantity, we go that extra miles that no one does from the selection of the finest basmati rice, meat and the premium quality of spices. Just so you can savor the most delectable biryani.

Easy to Use Ordering Platform

Whether it’s on our website or on our mobile app, placing an order and scheduling a delivery has never been made simple and easy to use.

Our Website is Available 24/7

We value time and our timing is everything. For your convenience we are always ready to take your online orders 24/7/365.

Fresh Local Delivery Efficiency 

We deliver daily to more customer locations which are tailored to your locations and schedules. Using our GPS enabled route optimization platform in your neighborhood, we’ve managed to reduce your delivery time efficiently from the date you place an order!

Strict Quality Control of Authentic Dishes

All dishes are sourced directly from their nearest fulfillment center, and we make every effort to work with small, family-owned companies who follow our strict health and hygiene guidelines traditional in packaging and delivering for the safety of our customers.