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Offer Delivery & Pickup on Biryani
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Commission-free website ordering

On-Demand Delivery

Flat-fee delivery for your online orders

Grow Your Sales Online with Fresh Biryani Box

Introduce your storefront to new customers in your area who are interested in delivery, pickup and more

Get started with Fresh Biryani Box and Save 5% in commissions

All you need to grow your online
restaurant business

Offer delivery OR pickup

Open a new revenue stream and offer delivery OR pickup on Biryani in the Box, platform or app with our in-house drivers or your own drivers.
Attract Biryani geeks, real Foodies and huge spenders
Tap into Fresh Biryani Box subscribers, customers who order more frequently and spend more dollar amount per order.
Add direct online ordering
Allow customers to place orders directly from your website and pay zero commissions or monthly fees.

How it Works

When you list your business on the Fresh Biryani Box website or Mobile app, customers can easily find you on the marketplace and order for delivery or pickup. Manage incoming orders through your assigned email account or point of sale integration, and we’ll help with the delivery logistics, with our in-house drivers or your own drivers.

Reach Fresh Biryani Box customers & real foodies

With Fresh Biryani Box foodies platform, included in Plus and Premier plans, high-value customers see your business first and pay lower fees when they order from you — at no additional cost to your business. Because #BeingFoodiesPass customers order more often, you’ll likely get more orders and repeat customers.

Add minimal commission to your online orders

Included when you sign up for Fresh Biryani Box, Storefront allows you to easily set up online ordering and turn your website visitors into customers. All Storefront orders are minimum commission and there are no monthly fees — you just pay payment processing.

Pricing that's easy & simple

Offer pickup and delivery on Biryani in the Box to grow your business. Choose the easy & simple partnership plan* that works best for you.


Increase sales and reach loyal and frequent customers with #BeingFoodiesPass.

Your cost


Delivery Commission

Payment processing included


Pickup Commission

Key Benefits

Get started


Maximize sales with the biggest delivery area, Fresh Biryani Box, and more

Your cost


Delivery Commission
Payment processing included


Pickup Commission

Key Benefits

On-demand delivery for your website

Offer delivery from your own website or mobile app by signing into Fresh Biryani Box network of Drivers

How On-Demand Delivery works


Customers places order through your website or app
Your customers visit your website or mobile app online ordering system to order delivery directly from you, paying a flat delivery fee on their order.


Your system dispatches drivers
You connect your online ordering system to Fresh Biryani Box delivery logistics, and a in house Driver is automatically dispatched to your restaurant.


Fresh Biryani Box handles logistics

Confirmation texts, estimated times of arrival, and a delightful delivery experience for your customers are handled by Fresh Biryani Box.

On-Demand Delivery


$9.95 – $12.95
Flat fee for delivery orders

Frequently asked questions

If you have a Fresh Biryani Box Account Manager, please reach out to them to begin onboarding.

If you are using On-Demand Delivery through an online ordering provider (for example: Olo, Toast, Square), please first reach out to your online ordering provider to begin the onboarding process.

If you do not have an online ordering partner, please consider signing up for Storefront, Biryani in the Box’s commission-free online ordering platform. Through Storefront, you can create a branded online store to enable pickup and delivery ordering directly from your own website, commission-free.

Alternatively, if you do not have an online ordering provider and would like to use On-Demand Delivery to request Dashers to fulfill deliveries, please fill out the signup form on this page. A member of the team will reach out to you with further instructions for the onboarding process.

On-Demand Delivery is our white-label fulfillment delivery service, meaning a Driver deliver local orders from your website, app, or other channels. Fresh Biryani Box Marketplace orders come in through the Fresh Biryani Box website or app.

We partner with dozens of major online ordering and POS providers such as Square, Toast, Olo, and more. Through integrating with these online ordering providers, we are able to ingest delivery details from your website, app, or POS to dispatch a Dasher.

There are no signup fees, subscription fees or service termination fees. The standard pricing structure is a flat delivery fee paid by the merchant. Any tips left by the customer will 100% be passed to the Drivers. Please fill out the signup form on this page to receive additional pricing details.

  • Receive an itemized invoice from Fresh Biryani Box at the beginning of each month with Drive deliveries + associated fees.
  • Or receive an invoice from your online ordering provider. The Fresh Biryani Box invoice is payable by ACH, wire or check.

Please note that the monthly invoice you receive from Fresh Biryani Box for     on-demand deliveries is limited to charges for Fresh Biryani Box On-Demand Delivery only.

If you are already using our On-Demand Delivery platform and need assistance with LIVE orders, please contact (312) 300-0043 for small order fulfillment and (312) 300-0043 for large order fulfillment. You can also reach by email at

For non-urgent issues, please visit our Help page for more information.