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Sustainability doesn't stop at our
Fresh Biryani Box

How It's Packed, Handled & Shipped

Sustainability doesn’t stop at our Fresh Biryani Box. Our packaging is eco-friendly and every component except for the nylon-based, vacuum-sealed pouch (we’re waiting for a green alternative to become available!) can be recycled or composted.

The Box

Your shipper box is made from corrugated paper and can be recycled curbside with all other paper. You’ll also find a recyclable, corrugated divider that tightly packs your seafood at the bottom of the box.

The Insulation

Meet Green Cell Foam, our insulation made from U.S. grown corn. After removing the plastic film (recyclable at the curb or your grocer), Green Cell Foam can be composted in your garden or dissolved in your sink (seriously, try it!).

Dry Ice

The dry ice comes in a plastic bag sealed and will slowly evaporate in transit. We highly recommend you to use protective gloves when handling dry ice by placing any remaining pieces outside safely. And depending on your location, you can recycle the plastic bag curbside or at your local grocery store.

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