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FAQ’s-The Basics
What is Fresh Biryani Box?
Fresh Biryani Box is for those who are looking for a convenient resource as an alternate to preparing authentic and homemade Biryanis, Tandoori Meals and Naan on a daily basis or for their daily use and for small gatherings with families and friends.  We handpick and send delicious authentic Biryanis for real foodies for a whole week delivered to your home or office, every week for a month.  You receive the best-tasting healthiest meals outsourced every month by our team of nutritionists, expert foodies and master chefs, a new trend in food culture that is non-gmo and gluten free for people who love, Enjoy and Relish Indian Food. We prepare everything with fresh ingredients with TLC. What is inside Fresh Biryani Box?

Our team of Expert Foodies and in-house Chefs handpicked the most popular Indian Biryanis and combined them with extras. The Fresh Biryani Box comes with one portion of Biryani, Plain Tandoori Naan, Curry, Tandoori Kabob and Desert as daily meal that is tasty and have all fresh ingredients from fresh vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, spices and the finest Daawat Basmati Rice.

How many items do I get in my one order?

Good question! One order of Fresh Biryani Box contains one basic single portion of any Biryani and you can add on one Tandoori chicken or sheek kabobs, Naan, with one portion of Curry, one Desert (Phirni-Sweet Rice Pudding) and a bottle of water or a can of Soda of your choice. Sign up for your account and discover a new revolutionary food ordering platform that is customized for you.


How much does Fresh Biryani Box cost?

Fresh Biryani Box prices ranges between $6.95 to $9.95 depending on the selection of your choice from a Vegan to Non-Vegan, there are two basic categories-single box and family pack. A basic subscription Fresh Biryani Box starts at $6.95 for vegans and $8.95 average for non-vegan box and seafood $9.95 per basic box on average. *Subject to change.

How does a Fresh Biryani Box subscription work?

It’s simple and easy! When you sign up you will create a customized profile with all of your taste and delivery preferences. Then we will handpick and send you a personalized meal just for you for daily consumption for a whole week, bi-monthly or monthly. Join today to discover your favorites!


How do I join my Fresh Biryani Box?

Click on the “Get Started” OR “Join Now” button on’s website. Select your first Fresh Biryani Box size you’d like to receive. Once you fill out your profile, your billing information we will then ask you for your shipping info and email address. Then, you’re all set, just wait for the Fresh Biryani Box at your door!


Will I be locked into a contract?

No, you can cancel your plan at any time. Just make sure you do so before your weekly cutoff to stop your next order. It’s that simple.


Can I choose my favorite meal from your menu that I receive?

Yes, off course! You can pick and choose your favorite Biryani from our a Le Carte menu list and customize your own box but, this will be slightly pricey. Our point is to offer you your favorite Biryani box that is enjoyable, healthy and wholesome delivered to your door so you can save time in preparation of your daily meal.


Are there any other surprises in the Fresh Biryani Box?

Fresh Biryani Box is specially designed mainly as ready-to-eat meal as an alternate to save time in cooking, we added other surprises as add on such as Kabob, Naan besides other meal items so it doesn’t get boring eating same meal every day.  


Are all of the products in Fresh Biryani Box is GMO-FREE & GLUTEN-FREE

We are health conscious individuals. All our ready-to-eat healthy and wholesome meals are 100% NON-GMO and GLUTEN FREE- but in some cases and some dishes might have wheat gluten and you have to specify your allergy accommodation when placing orders. We recommend that you always read ingredients before placing your orders.


Does Fresh Biryani Box Have Corporate Packages for Companies and Employees?

Yes, please contact us at for special packages for your company or employees’ corporate account.


How often is my Fresh Biryani Box delivered?

How often your Fresh Biryani Box are delivered is up to you! You can choose to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries of your Fresh Biryani subscription box or even catnap your box if you are going on vacation.


Is there any cooking involved?

Nope, our cook took care of that for you. All our meals are pre-portioned and hygienically packaged in such way that all you do is just heat it in a microwave and oven safe containers when you are ready to eat.

Are Fresh Biryani Box meals ready to eat?

Yes! You can heat up your meal using your microwaves at home or your office. You can also heat your meal in an oven safe container according to the oven heating instructions listed on our labels.


Care and Storage

How long will Fresh Biryani Box keep their fresh taste?

All Fresh Biryani Box products are packaged hygienically and will maintain freshness after opening if stored at right temperatures that do not exceed 45°F (7.22°C).  Avoid heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. For freshness of unopened products please freeze them as they arrive and thaw them when you’re ready to use.  Many of our products have expiry date on them.  


How should I store my Fresh Biryani if I want to keep it fresh tasting for more than one month?

To store Fresh Biryani for up to one month, place package in one air tight plastic bag, close tightly and refrigerate in a freezer. You can enjoy its freshness for up to one month when stored Biryani properly in a freezer.


How do I bring the Biryani to room temperature once it is removed from storage?

Keep and store Biryani in plastic bags until the entire package comes to room temperature. This will take approximately two to three hours if it was stored in the refrigerator, six hours if it was stored in the freezer.


Allergy Information

Does your Biryani contain any dairy products?

ALL of our Biryani may contain dairy or milk-based products such as yogurt. Any person with a dairy allergy should BE CAREFUL when consuming ANY of our products.


Does your Biryani contain nuts?

ALL of our Biryani products including all 7 varieties of Biryani may contain nuts such as Almonds and/or peanuts. Any person with a nut allergy should BE CAREFUL when consuming ANY of our products.


Does your Biryani contain gluten?

SOME of our products may contain wheat gluten. Any person with a wheat gluten allergy should BE CAREFUL when consuming ANY of our products.