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What is Fresh Biryani

FAQ’S-The Basics

Fresh Biryani Box is for those who are looking for a convenient resource as an alternate to preparing authentic and homemade meals on a daily basis or for small gatherings with friends and families. We handpick and send delicious authentic meals for real foodies for a whole week delivered to your home or office, every week for a month. You receive the best-tasting, healthiest meals outsourced every month by our team of nutritionists, expert foodies and master chefs, a new trend of food culture that is non-gmo and gluten free for people who have health issues. We prepare everything fresh from fresh ingredients with TLC.
Our team of expert chef, nutritionists and foodies handpicked the most popular Hyderabadi & Sindhi Biryani dishes as daily meal that is tasty and have all fresh ingredients from fresh vegetables, meats and poultry, spices and the finest Basmati Rice. The Fresh Biryani Box you can order with a choice of your Biryani, can add plain Tandoori Naan or flavored naans, Curry, Tandoori Kabob and Desserts. Our team neatly packs each meal by hand while also double-checking for its freshness before being sent out to your door.

Fresh Biryani Box prices ranges depending on the level of your choice from a Vegan to Non-Vegan, there are two basic categories-single box and family pack. A basic subscription starts at $14.99 per box and goes up to.….. on average. *Subject to change.

It’s simple and easy! When you sign up you will create a customized profile with all of your taste, dietary and delivery preferences. Then we will handpick and send you a personalized meal just for you for daily consumption for a whole week. Join today to discover your favorites!
Click on the “Get Started” OR “Join Now” button on’s website. Select your first Fresh Biryani Box size you’d like to receive. Once you fill out your profile, your billing information we will then ask you for your shipping info and email address. Then, you’re all set, just wait for the Fresh Biryani Box at your door!
Good question! One order of each Fresh Biryani Box can be combined with any additional orders such as 1 portion of any one Biryani, one Tandoori Naan, 1 portion of Curry, 1 Desert (Phirni-Sweet Rice Pudding) and a bottle of water or a can of Soda of your choice. Sign up for your account and discover a new revolutionary food ordering platform that is customized for you.
Yes, off course! That’s what we want our clients to enjoy finest biryanis that is delivered to you as a healthy and wholesome meal box to your door so you can save time in preparation of your daily meal. Whether you pick a curated one or create your own meal as your daily use, you can choose just a right one as per your taste.
Fresh Biryani Box is specifically designed to deliver mainly ready-to-eat healthy and wholesome meal as an alternate to save time in cooking besides meal items it doesn’t come with any other surprises.
We are health-conscious individuals. All our ready-to-eat healthy and wholesome meals are 100% NON-GMO and GLUTEN FREE- but in some cases and some dishes have wheat gluten and you have to specify your allergy accommodation when placing orders. We recommend that you always read ingredients before placing your orders.
Yes, please contact us at for special packages for your company or employees’ corporate account.

How often your Fresh Biryani Box are delivered is up to you! You can choose to have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly deliveries of your Fresh Biryani subscription box or even catnap your box if you are going on vacation.

Our office works between the hours of 8 AM – 8 PM PST Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 2 PM PST Saturday. Our office is closed on Sunday. But no worries you can still reach us via email using or by telephone using 888-000-0000.

Care and Storage

All Fresh Biryani Box products are packaged hygienically and will maintain freshness after opening if stored at temperatures that do not exceed 45°F (7.22°C). Avoid heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. For freshness of unopened products please freeze them as they arrive and thaw them when you’re ready to use. Many of our products have expiry date on them.
To store Fresh Biryani for up to one month, place package in one air tight plastic bag, close tightly and refrigerate in a freezer. You can enjoy its freshness for up to one month when stored Biryani properly in a freezer.
Keep and store Biryani in plastic bags until the entire package comes to room temperature. This will take approximately two to three hours if it was stored in the refrigerator, six hours if it was stored in the freezer.
ALL of our Biryani may contain dairy or milk-based products such as yogurt. Any person with a dairy allergy should BE CAREFUL when consuming ANY of our products.
ALL of our Biryani products including all 7 variety may contain nuts such as Almonds and/or peanuts. Any person with a nut allergy should BE CAREFUL when consuming ANY of our products please make sure before placing orders.
ALL of our products including Biryani may contain wheat gluten. Any person with a wheat gluten allergy should BE CAREFUL when consuming ANY of our products.


For all new customers, your Fresh Biryani Box will be ship out on the next day after you sign up (usually between 24 to 48 hours). For on going customers, your account will renew on the 1st of each month and your Fresh Biryani Box will be shipped out by the next day. Delivery dates are not guaranteed and may vary from month to month. You can always check the status of your order (and see when it will ship) in the Orders Tracker on your account page.
Everything in your Fresh Biryani Box is made by our local kitchens just for you. After your order is confirmed on the 1st of the month your order is submitted to our in-house fulfillment department for shipping. After all your Fresh Biryani are freshly made and packaged locally, they are inspected and approved for quality control and safety, they are boxed up and shipped out to you. This complete process takes about 2 to 4 hours from the time your order is confirmed.
There are three shipping options-This one is totally on you, we are happy to offer shipping to all within the United States. We ship primarily with UPS but you can choose FedEx if you wish and you have an account. Please refer to our shipping info for more detail guidelines.
Well currently we only ship to any physical address within 52 states of United States and its territories.

It is easy and simple! You can change your shipping address at any time by either logging into your Fresh Biryani Box Online Account or by sending us an email at In order to affect a particular month’s shipment, you must submit your address change prior to your next renewal billing (before the 1st of the month that is around 25th of the month). For example, if you are looking to change the delivery address of January’s box, you must submit your address change before December 23rd (before the 1st of the month). Address changes submitted on or after the 1st of the month will be effective the following month. You have successfully updated your shipping address.

Please note that addresses need to be updated before the 1st of the month, otherwise your Fresh Biryani Box will be shipped to the address currently on file and we will not be liable for any incurred charges.

Our shipping system monitors the temperatures where your package is being delivered to ensure your Fresh Biryani Box arrives in perfectly fresh condition, no matter the weather. We tuck your orders in boxes with DRY ICE inside to keep its freshness on delivery.

We offer a variety of shipping options, including Standard, Second Day, and Same Day Local Neighborhood on demand delivery. We also offer Saturday/Sunday delivery local Neighborhood on demand delivery. We do not offer shipping on the weekend all orders received online or by phone goes out on Monday for shipping, as weather conditions sometimes prevent us from shipping over the weekend. Fresh Biryani is not responsible for delivery delays caused by adverse or unpredictable weather conditions.

Note: Our daily order cut-off time for lunch/dinner within Local Neighborhood on demand delivery is 2 Hours before delivery schedule. For example, if you want your order delivered by 12Noon then we must get your order by 10AM PST. Orders placed Standard Shipping and two-day shipping can be received after 1 PM, will calculate as if the order were placed the following day. For example, if an order is placed with 2 Day Delivery on Monday before 1 PM PST, the order will arrive after 2 following days, which is Wednesday.

This website currently ships to U.S. addresses only, including Alaska and Hawaii. All orders to Alaska and Hawaii are shipped via 2 Day Priority, and include a $20.00 surcharge to the Standard Delivery fee. Saturday & Sunday delivery to these locations is not available. Please allow up to 5- 7 business days for these shipments. Shipments to an APO/PO address must be sent via Standard Shipping and cannot be guaranteed to arrive by a specific date. These orders may take up to 14 business days.

Standard Shipping – will arrive within 5-7 business days. You may select a future arrival date up to 1 year in the future. With this option you may select a date range only, and your order will arrive any day of the weekly range selected: Wednesday-Friday.

2/3 Day Priority Shipping If you place your order before 12Noon PST on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, your order will ship the same day that it is received to arrive within 2 business days. If you place your order after 1 PM PST, your order will ship the next possible business day. NOTE: Orders placed after 1pm PST on Wednesday may ship out the following Monday for arrival on the following Wednesday.

Same Day Local Delivery – we are pleased to offer guaranteed Same day on demand delivery in most of the local neighborhood areas. Orders must be received by 10 AM PST.

General Shipping Costs

Your shipping cost and method can be determined using the table below. Please note that shipping costs are per shipment, or an individual package to an individual address; orders with multiple shipments will incur multiple shipping charges.

You Can Also Pickup from our location


Log into your online account with your username and password. Click on the “Shipping and Billing Tab”. Click the “Update” button then change your shipping address and billing information in the boxes. That’s it! You have successfully updated your payment method. Please note that payment methods need to be updated by 25th of the month before the 1st of the next month without any exceptions. Otherwise, your Fresh Biryani Box will be charged to the payment method currently on file.

We accept Debit Cards, PayPal and all major credit cards (except AMEX & DISCOVRY, Visa, We accept MasterCard,  Diners Club) Please contact us if you would like to pay with your checking or saving accounts.

You will be billed for your full subscription plan immediately upon you signup. Your plan will automatically renew (don’t worry, you can cancel anytime) on the 25th of the month.

Other Serious Stuff

Yes, of course! And why not, we understand that every individual has their own taste buds, dietary preferences and some of us are sensitive to some nuts and diary products, so made an attempt to come up with handpicking your best biryani flavors. This will allow you to browse through our full range of menu and handpick your own selection at

Log into your online account with your username and password, click on the “Subscription Details” Tab, Click the “Change” button. Then choose a new plan from the drop-down menu.

That’s it! You have successfully updated your subscription plan. Please note that subscription plans need to be updated before the 25th of the month, otherwise your

Please note that we are not a non-profit company, we sell and make a small profit but, we shouldn’t forget the needy so we want to be sharing and caring others who are less fortunate than us and decided along with you that every purchase you make a portion of 2 % (two percent) from our net profits will go towards the kids education (academic and physical) to build a strong America so, order generously and help locally.

We’d love to hear from you! You can talk to our Customer Support and show us your happiness right away by emailing to us at Or, if you have suddenly found yourself stuck in the 1900’s, you can write to us at:
Fresh Biryani Box

4746 Clayton Rd. Concord, CA 94521 United States of America.

Our support team works from Monday – Friday 8 AM – 6 PM PST and Saturday from 8 AM – 2 PM PST. Excluding special holidays that we are allowed and our lunch breaks.

We would hate to see you go! But if there’s nothing else, we can do…. Your happiness is our priority you may cancel your subscription at anytime by sending us an email at or by login into your online account with your username and password. Click on the “Subscription” Tab and next click the “Cancel Next Plan” button

That’s it! You have successfully cancelled your subscription plan. Please note in order to cancel your subscription you must email your cancellation request before your next renewal billing charge (before the 1st of the month). For example, if you are on a monthly plan and do not want the January box, you must email in your cancellation request by December 20th (with no exceptions). Unless specified otherwise, all subscriptions will automatically renew on the 1st of the month either monthly or quarterly depending on your subscription plan you choose.

May be or May be not! All first-time initial orders placed by new customers have 24 hours cancellation window (calendar hours) from the time of order to the receipt of any cancellation and/or refund request. In order to cancel your first time initial order you must email your cancellation request to before the end of the 24 hour window (calendar hours) close of day. Unfortunately, due to perishable items and immediate product purchasing protocols that initiate order within 24 hours of an order placed, there are no refunds strictly for first time initial order requests that come in after the 24 hour window close of day.

Unfortunately, there are certain things out of our control. Sometimes shipping delivery handlers are not so nice and friendly to the boxes and so damages can occur in the transit. If an item in your box is opened, damaged or otherwise not usable please take a few pictures immediately of A) The Item in Question and B) The Box Itself and email us at Our smiley customer service representative will reach out to you within 24 business hours to sort out this unhappy issue.