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What’s the Fresh Biryani Box Story?

What made the Founder build a platform that is changing the way USA can eat real authentic Biryani delivered right to their door on regular basis?

Fresh Biryani Box is a phoenix that rose out of our Founders’ new venture, Aleph Business Holdings, LLC. After a slow start, Fresh Biryani Box snowballed into an unstoppable force that is now changing the trend in USA for the real foodies who love authentic BIRYANIS & KABOBS. The recipe that has been passed down from the kitchens of the Nawabs? We wouldn’t be a biryani brand if we didn’t have one ourselves.

A uniquely created market place of hand-crafted biryanis and kabobs that is delivered to your door step weekly, bi-monthly and monthly whether you live in RURAL or URBAN area if you get UPS then you can get FRESH BIRYANI BOX.

Veg OR Non-veg biryanis? You don’t even have to ask. So, you are the ones going to fan the flames of my love affair with biryani? I mean, it’s in our DNA.

All the variety of biryanis you can think of, cooked with the freshest ingredients by our finest chefs around the globe and delivered right to your door in the most thoughtful and safe packaging at Fresh Biryani Box our mission statement is to deliver you the finest food cooked with TLC.